Buzzing Brands 2009

Virtue 100: Top Social Brands of 2009

iPhone comes in at #1.

With a fair share of other brands from electronics to retail.

Gaming consoles come top of the list Wii #7, Xbox#9, PlayStation #13, Nintendo #21

Brands leaping up the list this year include Adidas, also NBA, Nike, MLB, Nissan, Victoria’s Secret, HP, KFC all made impressive gains, check out The Vitrue 100 from 2008

Luxury brands on the list this year with good representation – Gucci #27, Louis Vuitton #81, Prada #88 and Burberry #94

Media brands make up 8% of list – CNN #3, MTV #4, ESPN #23, CBS #32, ABC #33, Turner #36, Fox News #56, NBC #68 – perhaps illustrating our socialization of their content

Cosmetic brands under represented missing outside of Avon at #97 as well as travel brands as jet Blue was the only airline to make this year’s list

Sport brands make sense to be so prominent too as people are very passionate NBA #5, NFL #12, MLB #29, NASCAR #43, NHL #46

Restaurants also make sense – people talk about where they want to eat – Subway #50, McDonald’s #62, Krystal #63, KFC #66

Car manufacturers are all up there on the list too – Mercedes #17, BMW #20, Ford #24, Honda #25, Ferrari #27, Toyota #38, Audi #45, Kia #53, Porsche #55, Jeep #56, Dodge #57, Suzuki#61, Volkswagen #67, Chevrolet #80, GM #85

It’s interesting to see that the list includes brands from a wide spectrum of sectors and touchpoints for audiences, its also evident that this is from a US market point of view but inevitably will have overspill into UK markets, influencing consumers from a UK and European perspective.

It goes to show that people are still actively talking about brands in social spaces and that there is still a need for brands to pay attention to this medium; marketing mixes are now shifting in favour of Social.  eMarketer has established that the percentage of the Fortune 500 not using Social Media has dropped from 43% to 9%.

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Twitter turns red for World AIDS Day

Twitter are turning tweets red for World Aids Day, they have even changed the login design for the site (a nod to homepage placements and ad spend in the near future?) It’s funny to think that in the last six months this sort of communications method was relatively unknown and that now twitter was the most used English word in 2009.

Here’s a social collider visual of how the trend #red is going after only a day, do you think this is the sort of impact which can only be achieved with the call to action from the overlords of twitter?

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